Understanding customers’ needs creates added value

HSolutions offers services for company performance management, reporting and data warehousing. Our cornerstones are technology independent architecture-, data warehousing-, integration- and analytics services. We also offer services to simplify our clients’ financial planning, reporting, budgeting and forecasting processes using products created and made available by our Partner CCH Tagetik.

Hsolutions has a strong experience on different data warehousing products, information management tools and business intelligence solutions. Even though we at HSolution offer our services as not tied to any specific technology, our consultants’ years of experience from operating in different client environments have made us experts especially with products like Microsoft SQL server and data tools, Microsoft Power BI, SAS-product family, Qlik, SAP BO, IBM DB2 Informatica and Oracle products.
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The right kind of service

HSolutions offers and delivers various types of Business Intelligence development projects based on data warehousing like modern and agile DW-DV solutions. In projects involving Company Performance Management we rely on CCH Tagetik CPM/EPM solution – a solution that we represent and for which we are also an official implementor. We are also always looking for new technologies and solutions which could add value and ease decision making for our customers.

HSolutions offers advisory, reviewing, and workshop-service consultations for example to different architectural, technological performance and multi-supplier environments.

Supervisory authorities, Corep, Finrep, Anacredit, Solvency2 and IFRS standards are familiar to us and we have frequently been assisting our clientele in projects involving these subjects. Trust and communication with client are especially important in projects which are critical and mandatory to client’s business.


  • Founder Henrik Lähdeniemi.
  • Founded on 09/2015, changed to HSolutions Ltd as of 10/2015.
  • Owned by active management
  • Employs 10 professional consultants and counting.


  • Open ears for customer needs.
  • A pleased employee creates more value to the customer.
  • We aim to further advance the open flow of information in our company.


  • Customer satisfaction is a measure of our own success.
  • Open communication benefits all.
  • Seek growth from profitability.