Data controller

  • Oy HSolutions Ltd.
  • 2786982-2
  • Aviabulevardi 1, Vantaa
  • Finland

Data controller contact person

  • Aki Ahola

The register and the purpose of data processing

Oy HSolutions Ltd. has a customership, partner and marketing register for customer relationship management, participation to partnership systems and marketing purposes. The register is used to process data related to corporal decision makers and other corporation personnel. The legal basis to process personal data is a customer or partner relationship with some company which employs the respective individuals, or the privileged right of the data controller to effectively execute marketing, making use of decision makers’ contact information processing.

The data contents of the register

The register consists of the following data groups:
  • Identification data (first name, last name, title)
  • The individual’s angle of connection to the company
  • The individual’s contact information (mobile phone number, business phone number, possible email address)
  • Information on activities connected to the individual

The data sources of the register by the norm

The data contents of the register is based on information from the following sources:
  • Customer organizations’ contact persons’ personal data
  • Partner organizations’ contact persons’ personal data
  • Contacting different business establishments executed by HSolutions, limited company
  • Requests for proposal send to HSolutions, limited company
  • Contact information collected via different events and conventions
  • The transfer and processing of registered data outside of the EU/EEA-region
Registered data will not be surrendered to third parties, and the registered data will not be processed outside of the EU/EEA-region.

Data protection standards

The register resides in a service, which is protected by the use of usernames and passwords, that are available only to the personnel entitled to process such data.

The right to review the data and other rights of the recorded individual

A recorded individual has the right to demand a means to review his/hers own recorded data and the erroneous data to be corrected. The registered individual must contact the data controller contact person, whose contact information has been stated earlier in this text. The data can be deleted in situations, when some other legistlation such as bookkeeping-related, does not obstruct the instant deletion of the data.