This website

Data controller of the register

  • Oy HSolutions Ltd.
  • 2786982-2
  • Aviabulevardi 1, Vantaa
  • Finland

Data controller contact person

  • Henrik Lähdeniemi

The register and the purpose to use the data

Oy HSolutions Ltd. has a website on the public internet, which is used for marketing services and to offer a channel of communication. As visitors visit the website and use it’s functions, it is possible that personal data is recorded, especially in the shape of comments. The data controller is entitled to administer the commenting on the website.

Data contents of the register

As comments are being published by visitors, the following data groups are being created on the register:

  • First name and last name of the commenting visitor
  • Email information of the commenting visitor (not visible to public)
  • Homepage information of the commenting visitor
  • Timestamp of the comment
  • The contents of the comment

The data sources of the register by the norm

The data contents on the register is based on the information the visitors send themselves.

Data transfer and processing outside of the EU/EEA-region regarding registered data

Regarding registered data collected via cookies, the data is processed using Google Analytics-service outside of the EU/EEA-region. Regarding other data, the data is not transferred or being processed outside of the EU/EEA-region.

Cookies and suchlike technologies

This website makes use of cookie technology because of the following reasons:

  • To track the effectiveness of marketing
  • To track the functionality and performance of website resources
  • Collecting general visitor statistics

The website visitors are able to restrict cookie functionality via browser settings. The cookie data is not combined with other user data that could possibly be collected by the data controller.

Data protection principle of the register

The register resides in a service, which is protected by the use of usernames and passwords, that are distributed only to personnel entitled to process the data.

The right to review data and other rights of the individual registered

A registered individual has the right to demand access to review his/hers own data and the correction of erroneous data.

The registered individual must contact the data controller contact person, whose contact information has been stated earlier on this text. Data related to comments are removable without restrictions.