Architecture services

“Well planned is half done” is something all types of operation follow, including information management, and architecture is the basis. A properly designed architecture enables an up-to-date perspective on the overall organizational business data, which decision-making can be based upon. Applicable on brand new projects, expanding existing solutions, as well as combining it with a data processing or infrastructure system or core processes. Architecture is also put to use in describing the main data capital, regardless of system specific limitations. This allows flexible updates and expansions of the data warehouse, information management processes and reporting, as the project advances.

The HSolutions architecture services consists of an overall review of data warehouses and other sources available, and a plan how the sources are integrated to the operative business and management processes. This best serves the customer needs, and enables the development of decision-making to be based on business data.

HSolutions architecture services:

Consulting services

  • Design and description of new architecture solutions
  • Development of existing architecture solutions
  • Audit and review of current architecture

Our experienced architects help you forward expanding on your current design.

Architecture on-demand

  • Outsourced architecture
  • Small-scale architectural development.

We offer architecture services on-demand, as well, in case your organization is in need of a long-term arrangement.