Integration Services

The constantly expanding data mass increases the number of integrations required. Components of information governance, the integrability and the overall integration architecture are among the most import areas of the modern digitalizating business. The development of digitalized business and digital services require a flexible digital service layer, connecting different back-end systems. The service layer consists of well-designed system architecture and service-centric integration solutions. Putting the integration services we offer to use, constantly expanding data masses, the utilization of analytics and predictive artificial intelligence, and cross-organizational data governance and consumption, becomes a reality. Enhance your operations by offering services for different parts of your organization, and react to the changing business more rapidly. You are able to, for instance, present nearly real-time reports to the marketing and communication units, indicating what direction the social media is inclined to on subjects related to your business. The different services your organization provides are better integrated parts of a bigger whole.

The HSolutions Integration Services

Our integration consultants will build service-minded integrations, that will support your business and your digital services. Traditional integration technologies will be used in the process, or the latest acceleration tools. We will help you every step of the climb. From the first reviews and roadmaps, to the architectural design, to integration implementation, finally to maintenance. We can handle vast architectures, and operate flexibly following your business rules. Our proficiency covers several organizational areas and several different integration technologies, such as Microsoft SSIS, SAS Institute DI-studio, Informatica, and modern ETL-accelerators.


IT-architecture and management design and development.

  • Concepts
  • Roadmap
  • Technical and reference architecture design, service bus design.
  • Process documentation
  • Design of integration platforms and implementations, design of reports and interfaces.


Integration architecture management design and constant continuous development, and the integration services centre as a service

  • Integration policies
  • Integration handbooks and practices
  • Integration service centre management and operation.


Development of integrations and interfaces.

  • Implementation of integraations and interfaces
  • Integration and interface applications
  • Integraation testing
  • Introductions to production environments.

Support services

Integration solution support and maintenance.

  • Support services
  • Maintenance services
  • Small-scale development.