On the 10th of July 2014 IASB (The International Standards Board) published the final version of IFRS 9 Financial Instruments standard which was first revealed in 2008. IFRS 9 was made to answer the needs to standardize the financial reporting of financial instruments so that financial crises like the one that started in year 2008 could be avoided in the future. The standard is also meant to make comparisons of financial statements compatible across the globe. IFRS 9 standard has replaced IAS 39 standard starting from 1.1.2018 and is mandatory to all companies who publish their financial statements using IFRS – the largest impact will be on companies who operate in financial sector.

CCH Tagetik IFRS 9 solution

CCH Tagetik IFRS 9 solution gives your enterprise the means to cope with the challenges – like saving the data, calculation logics, reporting and publishing information required by the IFRS 9 standard – efficiently and with ease. With CCH Tagetik IFRS 9 solution your enterprise can be sure that it complies with the requirements mandated by the standard. CCH Tagetik also supports other IFRS standards like IFRS 15, IFRS 16 and IFRS 17.

CCH Tagetik IFRS 9 solution includes features like:

IFRS 9 calculation engine

Solution comes with pre-configured calculation logics to determine the impairment of financial instruments. With CCH Tagetik IFRS 9 solution you will be able to classify financial instruments among amortized cost (AC), fair value through other comprehensive income (FVOCI) and through P&L (FVPL). You will also be able to calculate 12 month or life time expected credit losses (ECL) at the instrument level and produce various valuable reports besides the mandatory ones like comparisons to Solvency II and be able to derive detailed analysis of each specific item of interest.
Given the advantage of unified and modular system, using CCH Tagetik you are able to create IFRS 9 specific calculations and import from data from other systems already present (e.g. classifications, risk data etc.) If your company operates in financial sector, you will be pleased to know that with CCH Tagetik you will be able to manage, validate and automate loading of data coming from other systems.

Calculate and Integrate

Financial database

The CCH Tagetik solution creates a financial database compliant with the reporting requirements of IFRS 19, giving the opportunity to easily meet other reporting requirements, aswell. The Tagetik Unified Solution architecture enables you to calculate, report and reveal accurately possible risks and minimize their effects to your business. The CCH Tagetik solution is compatible with Qlik Sense and Microsoft BI-solutions, which makes you able to analyze and drill down to the level of data ever needed. When you have complete trust in numbers and their validity, you have more time to spare on analysis and planning, and actually making your business more competitive.

The CCG Tagetik IFRS solutions do not interfere with your existing architectures. The solutions can be integrated with any and all your systems, for example CCH Tagetik CPM solutions, or any other system residing on-premises or in the cloud. The CCH Tagetik ETL functions enable seamless integrations with any source system you are willing to use, and any target system for further processing.


Modelling and calculation engine

With the power of CCH Tagetik’s calculation and analytics engine you process and calculate vast amounts fast. Flexible modelling helps you to ease the process of defining calculation logics and rules and remain compliant to IFRS standards.
With CCH Tagetik’s unified solution and Collaboration tools organization has all the tools it needs to create and publish statements required by IFRS 9. Whether you present your report to CFO and company board in PDF format or give a PowerPoint presentation for the investors, you can remain confident that the figures and narratives are correct and auditable

Financial statement and reporting