HSolutions in partnership with Wolters Kluwer CCH Tagetik

Hsolutions has signed a partnership deal with software company CCH Tagetik. CCH Tagetik has the most versatile Company Performance Management product on the market. CCH Tagetik is a part of Wolters Kluwer -corporation. CCH Tagetik is one the few products to perform well in both categories of Gartner’s CPM Magic Quadrant tests (Financial Corporate Management and Strategic Corporate Performance Management) – both results are thanks to the one Unified Performance Management Platform product. CCH Tagetik is built upon Microsoft SQL server platform and therefor integrates naturally with Microsoft products – whether it be MS Office, Microsoft BI or Microsoft ERP solution. CCH Tagetik is also one of the few solutions which are compatible with SAP HANA and which has inbuild APIs for both SAP and Microsoft manufacturing execution systems. This makes it effortless and fast to import data to CCH Tagetik and maintain it. HSolutions is pleased with signed partnership which gives CCH Tagetik to have improved potential in Finnish markets and HSolutions to benefit from the support of world wide CCH Tagetik partner network.
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