Agile Business Intelligence

The increase in available data enables its utilization in business as new demands arise. Data is being acquired from services and for instance conversations on social media, and when combined, can be used to generate a clearer overall indication of the state of things, to support production and management. And for example to better understand what the customer is thinking about the products and services offered by the company. The companies have a better chance to predict for instance the growths of sales of commodities and services. The utilization of modern solutions converts data into value and competitive edge rapidly, cost-efficiently and reliably. HSolutions helps it’s customers in the fields of analytics and reporting, and information management, for customer-oriented services and improved overall business.

The visualization and rapid usability of data are the cornerstones of modern leadership. Correct solutions and versatile utilization of data are the elements required for decision-making. Data & performance indicators have to be available on a range of device platforms, including mobile devices.
  • We will help you to better understand the bigger picture of state of your business, and to visualize the data clearly. Thus, you will be able to make agile business decisions, with more added value.
  • We offer agile analytics and reporting tools, that best fit your organization. We help you build solutions best fitting your current state of business, with the help of versatile tools offered by our partners. Technologies such as MS / Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and SAS.

Consulting services

  • Analytics and reporting strategy
  • Architecture
  • Status quo analyses
  • Concepts
  • Roadmap

We help you to get started, and beyond, managing analytics and reporting.

Analytics and reporting

The development of integrations and interfaces.

  • Analytics and reporting design
  • Analytics and reporting implementation
  • Testing
  • Introductions into production

Manage your information equity and grow competitive edge through analytics and reporting.

Support services

Analytics and reporting solution support and maintenance

  • Support services
  • Maintenance services
  • Small-scale development

Versatile tool box

  • SAS Visual analytics
  • Microsoft Power Bi
  • Microsoft Report Services
  • Qlik
  • Tableau

Modern analytics and reporting technologies.