Data quality and management

Data quality and information management refers to a centralized solution to track the correctness of data and to keep track on what data is distributed to the business data consumer. Commonly, the data that the source/ERP-system supplies has gaps and incorrectly typed information, if the data is not specifically validated or corrected the time it is typed in.
Thus, regarding information management, a situation is often faced, where the data correction and enrichment is postponed to begin at the reporting stage on the data received with gaps from source systems. The quality of data could be displayed already during the source data input stage, not until the reporting stage, when the data with gaps has passed several data layers. This slows down the process, or in the worst case scenario distorts data essentially regarding financial reporting, contents in data warehouse, regulatory reporting or reconciliation calculations.
  • We help customers to visualize and clarify company information management and quality with versatile tools, such as Microsoft DQS & MDM or SAS Federation Server, SAS Data Management software.
  • Through experience from customer projects we have decided to develop Data Management process and an application, which enables us to produce significant value for the customers on how to actually audit and intervene in the data quality issues at an early stage of the input processes, cost-effectively and with an effortless implementation!