Tagetik Enterprise Performance Management

Business processes are perceived as complicated by majority. CCH Tagetik Financial Performance platform has been designed to simplify these processes, or as Tagetik calls it – to bring “Business Simplexity”, which is a combination of technology, automation, deep knowledge, collaboration and built-in intelligence. CCH Tagetik’s innovative system brings these business processes together to form a single unified solution. From strategic and operational planning to fiscal reporting, CCH Tagetik consists of one data mart, one take on data and one calculation engine with visualized workflow from the beginning of the process to its end. The unique program architecture of CCH Tagetik simplifies performance optimization and enables financial management to handle management and governance of complicated financial processes with minimum support from IT department. CCH Tagetik’s awarded Financial Performance platform gives finance and technology managers more time to focus on analysis, optimization and expanding business instead of them having to spend more time with figuring out how to manage their technology solutions.
Tagetik IFRS -solutions
The awarded Tagetik Financial Performance platform frees time for your financial and information technology executives to concentrate on analyzation, optimization and expanding the business, instead of spending time managing technology manually.
Budgeting solutions
If your annual budgeting and planning process is based on Excel and spreadsheets, that depend on IT-support, or technology before smart phones, the financial design of your company is shown to you through a crystal ball.
Consolidation solution
Tagetik consolidates key figures in real time from several account books quickly and reliably using a single system. Tagetik automatically combines financial processes through organizational levels, even if the company were a global one, operating with multiple currencies, multiple interest and exchange rates, complex business structures and having countless demands on data quality and validity.
Solvency II solution
Tagetik is capable of producing complex Solvency II reports, so your staff will have more time to concentrate on adding value and analyze the business. The Tagetik Solvency II solutions depends on industry knowledge to ensure content management, mapping and trackability, so that you can be sure the calculation rules are correct today, aswell as in the future, as new updates and changes emerge.

CCH Tagetik as a company financial and performance management solution

If Your Enterprise is looking for a solution that offers both financial and strategic Company Performance Management, you should have a look at what CCH Tagetik unified CPM solution is about. CCH Tagetik is also known for its comprehensive client support and customer satisfaction.

Whether You are a small company that aims high or a big Enterprise frustrated and struggling with maintaining Your old-fashioned CPM-solution or repressed with exalted system updating costs, please contact us and we are eager to tell more You about the advantages of using CCH Tagetik.

So, before You settle with dated and dedicated non-unified system or You are about to start an expensive, long and difficult update project with aged Oracle, SAP or IBM CPM solution, please read Gartner’s critical features -report on CCH Tagetik’s EPM/CPM solution from here.

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