CCH Tagetik Budgeting, Planning and forecasting

Is your budgeting process giving you an advantage over your competitors?
Are you constantly looking at a crystal ball and wishing that it would ease your way through the budgeting process?
The future of an organization is based on today’s figures, the next day’s events and strategic plans for the upcoming months. In a constantly evolving world, there is a need for flexible resources and culture across finance, management and all lines of business.
CCH Tagetik unifies budgeting and planning by using real-time data and assists you in building your company’s future. With CCH Tagetik you can take advantage of modern automated processes which lead to a unified factual truth – and all of which operate within a single CPM solution.

If your annual budgeting and planning is based on either Excel-sheets which demand maintenance from the IT-department or even on technology before smartphones, your financial budgeting, planning and forecasting is based on a crystal ball.

CCH Tagetik offers you the ease of use like Excel, flexibility of a cloud service and the power of an automated unified system with all the financial data within. Acquire more flexibility and reliability to your business processes.

Acquire CCH Tagetik.

The CCH Tagetik Budgeting, Planning and forecasting enables the following:



of time spent on calculations.



of time spent on budgeting cycle.



of time spent on collecting figures in preparation of budgeting.

Key features of the CCH Tagetik Budgeting, Planning and forecasting are:

Top Down or Bottom Up: Create unique business drivers, products, divisions or lines of businesses as a base for your planning. You can also choose from a library of industry specific drivers and templates.
Modelling and What-If Analysis: Plan the future of projects and take what-if scenarios into consideration e.g. in product launches and acquisitions. See the impacts on P&L, cashflows and balance sheet.
Scenarios, Snapshots and Versions: Create snapshots and be able to compare different scenarios with ease, change business drivers and assumptions to examine and find the best business outcome.
Financial Intelligence: Improve your knowledge on data with double-entry logic, currency conversions, management, legal and regulatory compliance, unlimited currency and interest support.
Drill deep into the lowest level: Drill down to the lowest level of saved information in real time.
Allocations: See the effects of driver and waterfall-based allocations on different levels. Define indirect, direct and activity-based costs while using financial, statistical, historic and custom drivers.
Cashflow Planning and Forecasting: Build-in features allow you to examine the cashflow of your company in both directions and see the impact from the point-of-views of finance, sales and operations plans.
Rolling Forecast: Build periodic-based (also includes options for 13 months or 53 weeks) and rolling forecasts, which unite information coming from planning, budgeting and actual figures automatically and be able to adapt quickly to changes in markets.
Long Term Planning: Create long-term Top-Down corporate strategies, which might include large expenditures, investments or acquisitions and set targets that derive short-term, bottom-up tactical budgets.
Advanced hierarchy management: Create unlimited hierarchies and set-ups for any period or time-frame.
Cross Process Capabilities: Combine models, plans, budgets, actuals, reports and lines of businesses.

Other Features of CCH Tagetik budgeting, planning and forecasting include:

Self-service reporting and analytics: Create reports, visual analytics and dashboards without IT department. Perform complex calculations and create dynamic pivot tables to quickly analyse data with no delay.
Microsoft Office: CCH Tagetik integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office products and supports multiple formats like PDF, PPT, HTML, and XML.
Collaboration tools: Multiple persons can work concurrently with the system and automatically populated data. Communication tools include: IM, share, comment and send for approval.
Audit trail and workflow: All the changes to data: by who, what and when are stored to the system. Organisation wide task list, status and approval process.
Unified CPM solution: Create agile end-to-end process which brings together budgeting, modelling, forecasting, consolidation and financial reporting in one unified CPM solution.

Demos on showing how the CCH Tagetik budgeting, planning and forecasting solution operates: